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  • 5-Mile Run Improvement Training Plan

    • 5-Week, 6 day/week plan
    • Specifically designed to improve 5-Mile Run performance through long runs, interval and strength work
    • Assessment-based plan which automatically scales to the incoming fitness of the individual athlete
    • Includes running-specific bodyweight lower body strength, mid-section strength and upper body strength work
  • Athena: Female Strength & Plyometric Training

    • 8 weeks, 4 days/week
    • Perform in off-season or preseason
    • Design specifically to train developing athletes to control and stabilize knees
    • Uses neuro-muscular and resistance training to develop stability
  • Big 24 Strength

    • 7-Week, 5 days/week, barbell-based strength-focused training plan
    • Built around the Back Squat, Walking Lunge, Hang Squat Clean, Push Press, Bench Press & weighted Pull Up; progresses as you work through it
    • One of our most intense – and successful – strength training plans
  • Bodyweight Foundation

    • 6- Week, 6 days/ week Training Plan
    • Total Body Strength & Conditioning, including bodyweight  strength training, sprinting  and unloaded running for aerobic endurance.
    • Includes assessments and is scaled to the individual athlete.
    • Best for those focusing on bodyweight training, or those who want to jumpstart their fitness.
    • Don’t be fooled by “bodyweight” – regardless of your incoming fitness, this plan will push you.
  • Gladiator

    • Intense, 4-Week, 5 Day/Week Strength-focused Training Cycle build around the Barbell Complex
  • Strength and Honor

    • This 4-week training program is designed add significant total body and upper body strength to athletes without significant weight gain.
  • Super Six Training Plan

    • 5 Week, 5 Day/Week Training Plan build around the “Super Six” exercises and events fundamental to a Prep Athlete’s all around strength and conditioning
    • Concurrently trains total body Strength, Work Capacity and Endurance
    • Assessment-based plan which automatically scales to the incoming fitness of the individual athlete
  • Super Squat Strength

    • 5 Week, 5 Day/Week Strength Focused Training Plan which deploys MTI’s version of Dr. Strossel’s “Super Squat” strength progression methodology.
    • Strength work focused on three classic barbell exercises: Back Squat, Bench Press, Power Clean
    • Super Squat progression is one of our most effective ever, and has been deployed with SOF personnel, professional mountain athletes and high school athletes.